Melanistic Black Barn Owl

Ashley, the Melanistic Black Barn Owl
On Friday 8th August 2008, a very special & unique Melanistic Black Barn Owl called Ashley arrived at the Barn Owl Centre in Gloucestershire.

History in brief. Ashley’s is a male Barn Owl who hatched in May 2008, he was bred in captivity & he still retains the same latin name as the white Common Barn Owl (Tyto alba).

Come & meet him. By visiting the Barn Owl Centre, you will be able to to learn more about him & his family history plus you will be able to meet him up close.

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4 Responses to Melanistic Black Barn Owl

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  2. kitkat12597 says:

    He’s brown because he has something called melanism- a very rare genetic mutaition that makes them brown. Most owls in the wild with this defect are killed at birth.

  3. photosbykev says:

    It is a genetic defect in the bird.

  4. sparrow says:

    why is he brown? i thought they all had white moon faces.

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