Air Rifle Pellet Database

An Air Rifle Pellet Photographic Database (updated 19/05/12). All the pellets have been photographed at x2 life size and then resized for the database.

No additional updates to this database are planned.

For a reliable source of Pellet weights and BC values I would recommend this list provided by the, now defunct, Chairgun site, additional information on airgun pellet ballistics can be read here on the Beemans site. Please note that the stated pellet weights can easily vary by at least 5% due to manufacturing tolerances, if you are using a chronograph to check your rifles power output you should consider weighing the pellets being used.

If you are prepared to send me upto 4 pellets of any brands that are not included in the database so I can photograph and measure them please contact me. If you see any errors I would appreciate you contacting me so that I can correct them.

Using a chronograph can be made simpler using a software programme. This software allows a computer to be connected to your Chrony or Combro chronograph to record and analyse your pellet string data.

Another pellet list and air rifle power calculator can be found here on the Extorian website.

Want to know what pellet your Air Rifle is likely to be most accurate with? Try this compiled list.

This database has been supported by members from the Glevum Target & Sports Club and the AirgunBBSforum including;

  • relivingmyyouth (who provided the majority of the original pellets to start the database)
  • Target Bunny – pellet selection and sections
  • Jackel – Ox Nato, Eley Wasp Magnum and Webley Hustler Needlepoint pellets
  • Ric O’Shay – Piledriver and Prometheus pellets
  • Bob Ruggles – Defiant and Prometheus pellet selection
  • Snock – Sussex Sabo 0.22 pellet
  • Tweaky – JSB Jumbo heavy 0.22 pellet
  • Tonys Camo – Challenger, Lanes, Gamo and Eagle pellets
  • Pavel – the complete range of JSB Match Diabolo pellets
  • Tony – the complete range of Skenco pellets
  • Clashed – 0.177 King airgun Slug
  • Sam Vimes – Various pellets and JSB variants for sectioning
  • xpetop – Champion Challenger pellet
  • ZaksGod – Dynamil Nobel pellet
  • ? – Webley No. 1 pellet
  • deebee – a collection of pellets from France
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112 Responses to Air Rifle Pellet Database

  1. Joe says:

    i am looking for section drawing of JSB diabolo .22 pellet, i can see there are some picture but lack if dimension, do you have diabolo .22 drawing with dimension, appreciate if you can send it to my mail box,thanks.

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  4. elepe3000 says:

    Buena información, por varios años ha sido fuente de consulta para la comunidad airgunera.

    Información complementaria:


  5. Ray says:

    Hi Kev

    This is a great database. I am currently creating a new AppStore Airgun Application to be distributed freely and I would like to reference and use your images as part of a Airgun Pellet database. You will be credited for your images.

    Please contact me.
    Kind Regards

  6. Rob says:

    Can’t seem to find a postal address.
    I’ve got several sets of pellets to send to you.
    Can you mail me a postal address? (I check this blog rarely!)
    Excellent work! Many thanks.

  7. Rob says:

    I’ve been wanting to try these Bisley Pest Control pellets in the worst way, but was unable to find them in the states. Now I have found by these pictures and some other online research, that they are apparently the same as the Beeman or H&N Crow Magnums sold widely over here. They are among the best expanding pellets I have ever found. Accuracy varies by rifle, but they have been more than adequately accurate for a field pellet in my rifles.

    Your website is fascinating!
    Thanks, Kev!


  8. Robert says:

    Hello Kev
    You have the Air Arms .22 Heavy ( 18,1 Grains) listed at a BC of 0,038
    Can you confirm if this is correct, because elsewhere I have seen it at 0,033

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  14. The Cottontail Assassin says:

    Hi Kev,

    Just visited the database again (first time in a couple of years).
    I followed the link to the chronograph software as I now have a Combro and wanted to try out that software.
    Unfortunately my Anti-Virus software went Ballistic (Pardon the pun). You may want to remove the link until they sort their page out.

    All the best

    Tony (UBC Secratery and UBC Forum Admin)

  15. Miles Morris says:

    Just read through the recommended Beeman site on pellet ballistics and was very disappointed. There are numerous misconceptions on projectile flight and projectile reactions to launch disturbances. The claim that a pellet will go unstable due to launch yaw is one that particularly stands out as scientifically unsound.
    Pellet ballistics can be complicated but it is not impossible. The same rules and laws apply to pellets as to any other ballistic projectile. To say they do not is to mis-understand the fundamental laws of ballistics. There are profesional ballisticians who work in the theoretical and practical ballistics of projectile flight throughout the world who could work on pellet flight (though I know they are few and far between) but very few seem to be active at present.

  16. João Rodrigues says:

    Boa tarde, Qual o melhor chumbo para caça, tenho uma Sumatra 2500 500cc .22 e uma Bam B50 .22

    João Rodrigues


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  21. Emanuel says:

    awesome pics and info and which beeman kodiak in .22 caliber produced a BC of 0.036 the copper plated ones or the lead ones?

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  26. Petre says:

    Thank You, Thank you !
    Good Job, Great work Thank you !

  27. Shoaib raza says:

    sir i want to saw pellets making die’s picture. can u saw me the picture of pellets making die? i shall be waiting for your answer.

    • photosbykev says:


      I make up a block of steel with a set of holes in it drilled through with holes slightly under size for the pellets and then counter bored to a set depth from the other side. This allows me to load the pellet into the block to the same depth each time. I then use a clear epoxy resin poured into the holes to fill them and the back of the pellet skirts. When the epoxy hardened I can then mill the block in half and finish down to the centreline of the pellets on a centreless grinder.

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  31. TonKuijt says:

    BTW, i have some Umarex flathead diabolo’s and Gamo flatheads, where can i send them to?

  32. TonKuijt says:

    […]Zo dan, een nogal enthousiaste luchtschieter heeft een lijssie gemaakt…

    Hij heeft ballistische informatie verzameld van de meest gangbare pellets, en die gepubliceerd op zijn site. Ook staan er dingetjes bij als foto’s van de pellets, dwarsdoorsnedes etc. dus als je luchtfetishist bent een best leuke site…

    Check PhotosByKev’s site voor meer info […]

  33. ferdrik ernh says:

    what “bc” has these pellets?

  34. Mick says:

    Great work, keep it up.

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  37. herb says:

    “H&N Field Target 0.22” would seem to be a
    “H&N Field Target Trophy” (there is a different 0.22 caliber
    pellet which is the “H&N Field Target”)

    “Nickerson 0.82gm 0.22” would seem to be the
    “Nickerson Magnum Dome”

    Hope these small changes help. So many @#$%&^* similar names.

  38. herb says:

    Also the pellet listed as “H&N Diabolo Sport 0.22” is certainly not that. Assuming that it is an H&N pellet it would seem to be the “H&N Spitzkugeln”

    Another (I know anal correction) is that the “H&N Copper POint” would be more correctly listed as “H&N Coppa-Point.”

  39. herb says:

    Think I found a few more small errors.

    The pellet that you have listed as “Daystate Range Master” would be more correctly lareled “Daystate Range Master HE (High Energy)” since there a number of types in the “Daystate Range Master” brand.

    The pellet that you have as “Defiant (L) 0.22” I think is a “Defiant FAC”.

    The pellet listed as “Defiant (M) 0.22” is a “Defiant” (with a medium size head).

    The pellet listed as a “Defiant Precision 0.22” is a “Defiant” also, but I think this is a pellet before they started marking the head sizes.

  40. ewoodie says:

    Very good, and nice job.
    Thank you for the info.

  41. highlander says:

    ecellent piece of database iwas uncomplete without it thanks highlander

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  43. Daryl Watson says:

    Nice list of pellets
    Would have been nice if we could just click on any such pellet and get a print-out of that particular pellet and its specifications so listed with its photos.

    Also would have been nice to know where in the world we could get them, most of these are not sold here in Canada.

  44. Franky Monroe says:

    Kev, Do You have .25 cal Pics comming, It’s getting big in the States thank’s Franky

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  48. Howard D. says:

    Great pictures and an excellent reference guide. Keep up the good work

    Regards, Howard

  49. steve mc says:

    @Alan Smith
    ALan have a read of this

    I conclusively recommend the existing superdome for the old airsporters

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  51. Dan says:

    Hi there. I’ve been collecting airgun pellets for 26 years. I have some that you don’t on your site. Would you be interested in making some trades to increase both our collections?

  52. Alan Smith says:

    Hi Kev,

    Very informative, thank you. I was searching for a site with cross sections of pellets as I have an older BSA Airsporter with a true .22″ (5.6mm) barrel. My preferred ammunition (5.6mm Eley Wasps) are no longer in production and are becoming increasingly scarce. There is a lookalike 5.6mm “Wasp” pellet available but it is not made by Eley and is a poor substitute.

    I have access to a machine shop and am considering making an accurate die and mandrel to expand the head diameter of an existing pellet to 5.6mm. without shortening the length of the pellet to any appreciable degree or upsetting the concentricity or balance of the pellet.

    The type of pellet I am looking for would have a round nose with the hollow section extending as far as possible into the head, from your .177 photos the JSB Exact Express would be a likely candidate. I am thinking I can use the mandrel to swage out the internal diameter of the hollow section whilst the pellet head is constrained in a 5.6mm cylinder that is counterbored to take the tail thus keeping the pellet correctly aligned and the mandrel would be in a guide to keep it aligned exactly. If the hollow section finishes well short of the head (JSB Exact from your .177 photos for example) I would only be expanding the diameter of the pellet waist, not the head.

    Do you have any .22 cross sections? If the RWS Superdome could be expanded in the way I have in mind that would be ideal for me.



    • photosbykev says:

      I was looking at the JSB variants when I did the cross sections and was focussed on the 0.177 pellet size so I don’t have any 0.22 cross sections.


  53. jimmy says:

    hi kev,how did you cut the pellets for the cross section photos???

    • photosbykev says:

      I mounted them in a brass block machined to the pellet diameter and then poured optical grade acrylic resin into the pellet and let the resin set. The brass was then machined down to the centre line of the pellet. The resin supports the pellet while it is being machined nd stops the soft lead distorting.

  54. Sam Vimes says:

    @Emma cubleycat

    Emma, just be wary in thinking that the precise design of the JSB pellets always remains constant. I’ve seen a couple of minor variations in tins marked as AA Field and a couple of variations in tins marked as JSB Exacts. This has lead to the situation where some batches of AA Field are all but indistinguishable from JSB Exact (or Daystate FT/Select etc). Other batches are quite distinctly different.

  55. gerson says:

    Boa tarde…….fiquei impressionado com os modelos de chumbos aprensentados, gostaria se possivél de maiores informações aonde encontrar . Obrigado aguardo sua resposta .

  56. Ken Moran says:

    There used to be a ‘Black Boy’ brand pellet in Australia 30-40 years ago, the were quite cylindrical, but unfortunately they fell straight through the barrel ! They needed to be flared at the back end so they would fit better, then they could be used downhill too!

  57. This is an awesome database for the air rifle pellets i’ve never seen anything quite like it. Thanks for your time for the rest of us out there!

  58. Mr. Tkila says:

    Here in Mexico, we have some companies that build their own pellets, for example:


    If you need pictures of them, I can take some.
    In this photo appears Cabañas (the red one) and Mendoza (the ones that are in front of Cabañas and back, front of the Gamo Rocket., but also Gamo.

  59. ewoodie says:

    Very good job, NICE!

  60. photosbykev says:

    Thanks for spotting the error 🙂 DB has been updated


    hi KEV, i think there is a listing error for the prometheus Z25, it is a .25 calibre.
    you have it as a .22 calibre


    sorted kev, just what i have been looking for. i have been collecting .22 tins, boxes and all containers, often stated with original contents.
    now i can compare them, and if neccessary, re claim some money back from those who have clearly tried to deceive me and other collecters, for financial gain in the auctions.
    if there are any pellets that you think i might have, that you may require, drop me a line.

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  64. GERRY says:

    GERRY :@photosbykev thanks for reply GERRY .00 for me

    how about the old jackel pellets

  65. GERRY says:

    thanks for reply GERRY .00 for me

  66. GERRY says:

    hi its stated to weigh pellets if using a chrono would a 0.01g be adequate or would i need to go as far as 0.001g set of scales

  67. loksi67 says:

    hallo kev,

    what is the distance between mpe65 and the dias? do you have a werkfoto of your equipment?

    if your mpe65 is wrong, you can reech the same results with old ef 28-105 + retroadapter ring :-))))))



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  69. John says:

    Pellets I’d like to see: .177 Gamp Raptor P.B.A., .177 Daisy Precision Max, .177 Gamo Red Fire

    • photosbykev says:

      I think I have at least two of those pellets waiting to be photographed. I use a Canon MP-E65 lens to photograph the pellets and that is currently away being serviced so I have a backlog of about 100 pellets waiting to be catalogued

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  71. Bill Muench says:

    Kev, thank you very much for a well thought out overview of the wonderful pellet selection we have available to us. I especially appreciated the listing of the pellet weight, head diameter, skirt diameter and ballistic co-efficient. Everything in one place.

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  74. Absolutely fantastic stuff Kev, so many people say air arms and JSB exacts are the same but I know by taking macro photos of pellets myself they are not the same. Nice job Kev

  75. Bill Clarke says:

    I have a sleeve of Lapua Air Silhouette pellets. .177 – no other info known.

    Shoot me an address and I’ll send a few to you.

    I’d be interested in knowing what they are (specs). They work great in my Nitro – too heavy for the R7.



  76. david says:

    Thank you for sharing a very worthwhile resource for all serious airgunners here. I appreciate the efforts you put into this. How can I send pellet samples from my part of the world? Again, congratulations for a wonderful site.

  77. Herb says:

    I’d be willing to send you about 30 pellets that you don’t have. Mostly brands from US.

    Your contact form is locked. How can we contact you?

  78. Gene_SC says:

    Thanks for the great work on compiling the info on pellets. Would like to put a link in our GTA Library. Great stuff. Thanks

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  80. Curlazz says:

    hello there.
    did anyone try this pellet ??? (skenco plastic)


  81. Hunting Guy says:

    love the posts. they’re very informative. I’ll be keeping an eye to your blog to get the recent updates.

  82. jim chapman says:

    Great reference site, thanks for making it available.

  83. iSnipe says:

    Amazing info and excellent photographs. I’d love to include the B.C.’s and muzzle velocities in my ballistic calculator… Would you mind?

    Photosbykev reply: the BC information has been used, with permission, from the Chairgun site it would be appropriate to contact the author directly to ask for clearance but it is public information

    best regards

  84. bib says:

    theres no .20 cals shown where do we send the pellets samples ?

    Photosbykev response: please check your email

  85. TheNightHawk says:

    Good Job, Great work Thank you !

  86. relivingmyyouth( Pete Hornby) says:

    Blimey Kev. This database gets bigger and better by the day. Great work. Love the rest of your site too.

  87. We are going to be at the IWA at Hall 5-144.
    Are you going to be there?
    Best regards,

  88. Owlsurfer ( Colin ) says:

    Been looking for a site like this for ages !! Keep up the great work Kev.

  89. D R Greysun says:

    Well done Kev, I commend you for your effort.

    D R

  90. Need address for a good selection of pellets for your collection.


  91. booots says:

    nice one

  92. Stephen Delany says:

    WOW Kev!!!

    That is a truely un-selfish body of work you have put together there. I hope everyone appreciates the obvious care and attention spent.

    Good Man!!

    Steve D.

  93. Dr Bob says:

    Now that’s what I call dedication.

    Regards, Bob

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