Cemlyn Bay – HDR Timelapse

Cemlyn Bay – HDR Timelapse from Kevin Lewis on Vimeo.

A HDR timelapse made from 2000 exposures (bracketted -2, -0.5, 1) over 2 hours on a Canon 7D and 10-22mm lens fitted with a polarising filter and 2 stop graduated soft neutral density filter. Controlled by DSLR Remote Pro on a netbook.

Cemlyn Bay is adjacent to the Wylfa nuclear power station on Anglesey in N. Wales.

First attempt at using HDR in a timelapse and I’ve learnt a lot lol.

1. if you want fast sets of exposures, don’t d/load to the netbook buy a BIG CF card and store the images on the card not the hard drive.

2. if you go the big CF card route you will need a battery adaptor and run the camera off an external battery.

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2 Responses to Cemlyn Bay – HDR Timelapse

  1. Glyn Davies says:

    Bloody hell Kev, that was a mammoth task for such a short sequence – fascinating nevertheless 🙂 You obviously have too much time on your hands :-)) Best wishes, Glyn

    • photosbykev says:

      add in the 8 hours of processing the raw files to tiff, then using Photomatrix to produce the HDR tiffs then using Photoshop to crop to 1920×1080 and apply curves etc then using VirtualDub to produce the video. Thank god for batch processing lol

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