Penmon Point Lighthouse

Penmon Point lighthouse (also known as Trwyn Du in the Welsh language) was built in the late 1830’s after the Rothesay Castle, which departed Liverpool in 1831 met its end here, taking the lives of 117 passengers and crew with it.

It can be a very mournful place to visit with the sound of the 178Kg bell ringing out every 30 seconds, warning other ships of the fate of the Rothesay Castle.

The location of the Penmon Point Lighthouse is on the North East tip of Anglesey near the beautiful town of Beau Maris and it’s very attractive castle and location on the Menai Strait.

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3 Responses to Penmon Point Lighthouse

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  2. Steve says:

    How long did you expose these for?

    And love how the lighthouse resembles a Canon L lens emerging from the water!

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