Canon 7D and 40D Audio Timing

An audio recording of the Canon 7D and Canon 40D cameras using a Zoom H4n solid state recorder to see what the timings were for the mirror and shutter.

The top 3 audio traces are for the Canon 7D and show:

  • a full cycle through mirror up/shutter open/shutter close/mirror down (manual exposure of 1/5 second (200ms))
  • mirror up
  • shutter down/mirror down

the lower three traces are for the Canon 40D camera.

If you right click on the image you can open the full size file in another window so you can see the timing down to a millisecond.

The audio recordings were taken using a Zoom H4n digitial recording system.

There is an excellent ‘timelapse’ of a Nikon D3 mirror/shutter operating here

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