Just Ice

Images from Llyn Ogwen in 2010

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6 Responses to Just Ice

  1. mark says:

    Beautiful mate, assuming there was post processing too?

  2. photosbykev says:

    @mark everything was at iso 100 and typically shutter speeds longer than a second with a few over 4 minutes. Canon 5D MkII and either 24mm lens or a 100-400mm lens

  3. mark says:

    Fantastic. What are the exif details etc if you dont mind me.asking?

  4. Kat (LadyLyonnesse) says:

    Hello, Kev,
    I have just spent an enthralled half hour looking through your gallery. I am awestruck by the images you have captured, both micro and macro, all the way up to galaxy level.
    I have always enjoyed the images you post on dA, but this gives me a far better look at your work.

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