Llanberis Urban Graffiti

The Llanberis RAF Reserve Depot (Bomb Store) was originally the disused Glynrhonwy Isaf slate quarry in Llanberis which had closed in 1930 and was purchased in 1939 by the Air Ministry to stockpile 18,000 tons of bombs. Now it is a fascinating place to explore and photograph the differing types of urban graffiti and tags left by more recent visitors.

On 25th January 1942, only 6 months after opening, two-thirds of the structure collapsed within seconds under the weight of the overlaying backfill, completely engulfing a train of twenty seven wagons which was in the process of unloading. The collapse buried over 14,000 tons of bombs which at the time represented 14% of the total RAF stock.

Most of the bombs were recovered and although the remaining tunnels were eventually cleared of debris, no ammunition was ever stored underground at Llanberis again. The surviving underground galleries were abandoned and the collapsed section was used for open storage of incendiaries and as a demolition area with ordnance being dumped in the pits to the rear of the depot.

Today the site has been reclaimed by nature and has been adopted by taggers with a wealth of beautiful, and sometimes disturbing, urban graffiti.

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