Race of Remembrance 2016

The 2016 Race of Remembrance event took place over the weekend of the 12-13th November on the Anglesey circuit. The 1000km endurance race is managed by Mission Motorsport, the Force’s Motorsport Charity supported by the Anglesey circuit and the BARC marshalls.

This page has images from the Race of Remembrance event which are freely available to anyone who wishes to keep a memory of the RoR event or make a print. The Race of Remembrance pictures can be used on social media without asking but please tag me on either Facebook or Twitter if they are used.

If you would like a print file then please e-mail me at kevin@photosbykev.com quoting the number of the image(s) and I will send you the image files that you can print locally. No catch, no charge, just my way of supporting the event but if you wish to donate something to the Mission Motorsport charity then please feel free to do so.

Images from day 1 of the Race of Remembrance – #SupercarSaturday and RoR session one

Images from day 2 of the RoR Endurance race – session two

Images from day 2 of the RoR Endurance race – session three

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