Wildlife and Nature Photography

Note to viewers (August 2017): Thank you for the support you’ve given this site over the last 10 years. During the next six months the Photosbykev website will be significantly changing with the selection of a new hosting company and development work.

I also intend to have a radical pruning exercise while I’m preparing the new face of Photosbykev, it will be interesting to see what emerges in 2018 🙂

The PhotosbyKev website contains a large collection of bird, wildlife and nature photographs captured by photographer Kevin Lewis as well as the high speed flash, macro work, wildlife, water droplets, HDR and panoramas, astronomy photographs, time-lapse and infrared photographs created over many years.

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Kevin is always looking for the next photography challenge and is prepared to spend as long as necessary in order to achieve the best wildlife and nature photograph possible.

Photography that is easy tends to be little more than snapshots or holiday memories, it is only when we challenge ourselves that the photographs become more than just images.

Currently Kevin is actively engaged in projects including high speed flash photography, macro work, wildlife, water droplet, HDR and panoramas, astrophotography, time-lapse and infrared photography.

At all times Kevin Lewis has placed the welfare of the wildlife and nature first and where possible the photographs are taken without any disturbance to the wildlife or the environment. If it’s not possible then there is always another day and another challenge.

The bird, nature and wildlife photographs stored on the PhotosbyKev website are freely available to educational, conservational and environmental groups and high resolution digital files and prints are available for commercial, stock and private use.

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