U – Z

A collection of Bird photographs from U – Z

Current index includes:

Water Rail, Wheatear, Whitethroat, Whooper Swan, Wren

1 Response to U – Z

  1. Hi Kevin, Just looking at your photo’s ..very clever stuff to say the least.
    As a wildlife artist myself I can appreciate your patience to get these shots.
    I use a cannon 40D & a sigma 50- 500 mm to photo reference for my work.
    I will have to practise a little more to get to your standard though, Incidentally
    do you sell rights to use your images as basic reference to work from?
    I came across your web site while looking for Daystate MK 4 Air Rifle info.
    as thinking of getting one , another long time interest of mine.
    Great web site,

    Best Regards

    Nigel Artingstall

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