High Speed Flash

Using normal Canon 580Ex flash guns it is possible to obtain very short flash durations down to 1/35,00 of a second. In order to get shorter durations it is necessary to use very specialised expensive flash units.

Working within the limitations of the Canon 580Ex flash guns and using a Mumford Time Machine to trigger the flashguns directly from external sensors I have started to explore what I can achieve in the realm of High speed flash photography.

The journey started with popping water filled balloons and getting very wet in the process.

I then moved onto stop motion animations using a clockwork mechanism. Using a 0.177 air gun I am now looking at high speed ballistics shooting a variety of objects.

Where the journey will end I have no idea but it is a lot of fun walking along the path exploring all of the aspects of High speed photography and getting glimpses into a world few of us can witness with our own eyes.

5 Responses to High Speed Flash

  1. Keana says:

    Very unique photography. You absolutely have a creative mind. You can be an great inspiration for those aspiring photographers out there who wants to have their own style in photography.

  2. Georgina Disney says:

    Hi Kevin, I was wondering if you could possible e-mail me with a brief biography and history of how you got into your photography, as well as perhaps your use of the fast shutter speed, and how you got into it? Sorry if this is inconvenient for you, but I am doing my photography A-level work at the moment and you are one of my inspirational photographers.
    Thanks, Georgina

  3. Susan says:

    I would love to acquire an image of your ballistics shot into a book referenced in Billy Collin’s poem to use with some clients to discuss new ways to see our reality and our encounters. How might I find this photo? Thank you for your beautifu work. Your science and artistry is much appreciated.

  4. Adam Buckingham says:

    fantasic shots i love you work its given me a new outlook on the way some high speed photos are taken. keep up the great work

  5. Andy says:


    Love your work, particularly the high speed balistics.


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