Blue and Red Droplets

A series of photographs with Blue water droplets and collisions.

Canon 40D with 100mm macro lens 1/10sec @ f16 iso 200. Two flash guns running at 1/128th of full power provides the illumination. A Blue and red gel provide the colour. The timing for the droplets was achieved with a Cognisys Stopshot trigger system which controlled the solenoid valve to release the water droplets and controlled the timing for the camera and flashguns.

Typical values for the Cognisys stopshot module were:

15 millisecond pulse on the solenoid to release a droplet followed by 70 milliseconds delay before releasing a second droplet which collides with the rebound of the first droplet.

As the 1st droplet passes an infrared trigger beam it started another timer that firstly opened the camera shutter and then after a second delay fires the flashguns to take the photograph.

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