Cestyll Gardens, Anglesey

A collection of photographs and panoramic images taken in the Cestyll Gardens on Anglesey, N. Wales.

The garden was originally part of Cestyll House which was bought in 1918 by the Hon. William Walter Vivian as a gift for his niece the Hon. Violet Vivian, daughter of Lord Vivian of Bodmin, Cornwall. Cestyll house was demolished in 1991 after deteriorating beyond repair.

In the garden is also an old water mill owned by the National Trust. Known as Felin Cafnan, the mill was unusual as the water flowed over the top of the mill wheel during normal operation and was diverted under the wheel when it was not being used.

Cestyll Garden is owned and maintained by Wylfa power station and is only opened for 3 days a year to the public in support of the RNLI charity.

Panoramic views

Cestyll Garden Panorama

Cestyll Garden Panorama

Cestyll Garden Panorama

Cestyll Garden Panorama

4 Responses to Cestyll Gardens, Anglesey

  1. Mrs.J.P.Woodward, Benllech, Anglesey says:

    I was fortunate in knowing the wife of the then manager of Wylfa and have many photos and have painted in the garden. My plan is to do some paintings to be sold during the open days in aid of RNLI

  2. Margaret Mosley says:

    My family stayed in Cestyll House in 1978 .
    I found it so hard to believe that the house had deteriorated to the extent that
    has been stated it was a lovely house full of antiques and in first class
    decorative order.
    The only ‘drawback’ if one can quote it as such, was the awful hooter from the Power
    Station every Thursday morning. I wonder if this – in any way – was the end of Cestyll
    as a wonderful residence.

  3. Garden Awnings says:

    This is possibly one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. I must make a visit when it is open to the public as I would love to take in the scenery and support the charity!

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