LOHA – January 2012

The photographs below show the sun in the Hydrogen-alpha (H-a) bandwidth using a PST Stage 2 Lyra Optic 4″ f/11 refractor modified for H-a imaging captured with a DMK41 mono CCD camera and sometimes a 2.5x Powermate for the closeup detail.

The development of the Lyra Optic 4″ f/11 H-a Solarscope can be seen here

A short tutorial for processing the Hydrogen Alpha photographs can be read on this page

Solar images from January 2012, taken using the excellent Daves Solar System Recorder software (DSSR) which is now available as a beta release for public use.

<———————————————– 343,000 kilometers ————————————————–>

Sunspots 11389 and 11388

The following images are taken with the PST Stage 2 modification, the system still needs tweaking but I’m pleased with the first light images

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