Water Droplets

A collection of water droplet and splash photographs using high speed flash and precision trigger and timing modules from Brian Mumford – The Time Machine and Cognisys – Stopshot systems. Other high speed flash and ballistic photography can be seen here.

A short tutorial of my water droplet setup and technique can be read here

Another stopshot user has put up a nice detail tutorial looking at the solenoid valve, stopshot timing and nozzle selection

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  1. udaybhanu moharana says:

    Dear Mr. Kev,

    I am facinated by the water drop photography. In fact I have developed an equiptment similar to StopShot using Macrocontroller. Since I am coding my self I am able to bring in variations as I like.

    I am amazed by those unbelievable shots.. spalsh inside a bubble. Those soothing colours. I can not figure out how these shots are taken.

    The device I made is very accurate. I have made both the timing device as well as the falling drop sensor. I am able to get those water droplet collisions with great repeatability. Shortly I will be posting the pictures taken in Picasa.

    But, I would appreciate if you can share how do you creat those very soothing colours and the still ness in the shot. I am now ready with all equipment that I need but I am not able to move beyond a regular shot in quality.

    Initilally, I have made the timing devices using timers. Those were not very accurate and hence I moved on to using a Microcontroller. This is very accurate. I have posted some of initial shots using Timer and te link is below for you to have a look and comment.

    (link removed as it contained personal info)

    Thank in advance.

    U. Moharana

  2. Tom says:

    Wow…I want one now. Kev can you tell me which set you like more for water drops? Time machine or stop shot? Which set is more precise and easier to operate? Thanks

    • photosbykev says:

      They are both very capable of capturing water collisions without much trouble. Personally I’ve switched to the Cognisys system because I find them more flexible for other types of wildlife photography I also use them for.

  3. Peter says:


    crazy man
    this water is an animal!!

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