Image Processing Tutorial

Have you ever wondered why other peoples photographs seem so much clearer and sharper than your own? This is a quick visual tutorial on digital image processing that I’ve put together that you may find useful.

It is not the only way to process images, it is my way of processing images which I’ve found suits me and my workflow.

Final output image

Please click on the link to open the tutorial in a separate window Digital Image Processing

10 Responses to Image Processing Tutorial

  1. I came to your site via the Yahoo Infrared groups when you responded to one of my posts. and I am highly impressed with the quality and presentation of your images.

    Very interested to read trhough your image processing. The part that intrigued me was the application of multiple ‘unsharp mask’ applications. I was wondering if you applied this as a general rule. Or do you do this on an image by image basis? Sharpening has always been an area that I have not quite grasped and I don’t think I get the best out of my images. I guess part of that is because I only a Canon G2 which only has 4mp so any image manipulation seems to degredate quality quite quickly.

    Anyway, I would be interested to hear you reply.



    • photosbykev says:

      Hi Gary,

      imho using multiple small sharpening steps gives a better result than applying one big sharpening function. Recently I’ve been using a raw presharpening filter as well which appears to improve things as well.

      How much to apply does vary from image to image. As a rule of thumb I inspect the image at 50% and apply the sharpening steps until I can see sharpening artifacts and then undo the last two steps using the history tool.


  2. Andy Green says:

    Thanks for a fantastic web-site, I learnt more in watching your tutorials than I have in years of online searching. Fantastic images! obviously a very talented photographer. Thanks for sharing your talents and for your help.

  3. John Evans says:

    Great Tutorial- one of the best Ive come accross- a real help for excellence in processing.
    Cheers John.

  4. Andres says:

    Great tutorial! It really helped me a lot.
    I wonder if these steps would work for adjusting colors in texture maps.
    One question. What would be the advantage of using Unsharp Mask filter instead of sharpen or sharpen more,



  5. Jean Richardson says:

    Hi Kev,I’m just trying to learn about CS3 and found this useful ,thanks.


  6. Ian says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I have just watched your tutorial and i have one word for it. AMAZING.

    Ian Hardy

  7. Agnes says:

    wonderful tutorial – thank you so much for sharing…
    best wishes,

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